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Ni Ni Khin Zaw is a well-known,award winning Myanmar Singer-songwriter.She started her career and became famous in the singing contest named Melody World in 2008 and won the first prize.Now she is the female coach of The Voice Myanmar for Season 1,2 and 3(2018-2020).


Ni Ni has developed a very strong sense of musicianship throughout the years, making her songs unique by embellishing them with challenging riffs, occasionally stylistic throatiness. Moreover, she is at a very high level of technical and musical proficiency, allowing her to take on extremely challenging songs. Being the womanly, sweet and smart character of her voice, Ni Ni has always been a crowd favourite and she would be classified as a classy Diva of Myanmar. Due to Ni Ni’s professionalism, and of course, friendly personalities, she has been able to maintain her popularity and celebrity status throughout the decade. Having strong work ethics make Ni Ni Khin Zaw outshine and stand out among Myanmar female singers.



Milestone Solo Concerts

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